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Natural hair

Hair cuts

We sell natural hair extensions, slices of Slavic hair. Hair not polished or silicone treated.


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Capsular hair

Encapsulated hair is a finished strand of natural Slavic hair with an Italian keratin capsule at the base.

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Волосы на лентах

Hair on ribbons

Slavic hair on ribbons are used for cold extensions. One of the safest and easiest ways to grow hair.

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Tresses, clip in hair

Tressa (hair on clips, hair extensions) is a very popular method of hair extensions and at the same time, tress hair extensions are the most gentle hair extensions!

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Gipermarket Volos manufacturers and sells high-quality wigs from natural Slavic hair. Our wigs are breathing, comfortable for setting, not capricious at wearing and care. Hand-made.

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Pony-tails, bangs

Application of a detachable pony-tail will daintify your image. Long pony-tail will make your figure elegant and slim. The owner of such hair-dress seems to be higher.

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About us

Gipermarket Volos - the world leader in the sale of natural hair! Selling natural hair extensions - our main area! We are collectors of Slavic hair