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Волосы на лентах

Hair on ribbons

Slavic hair on ribbons is used for cold extension. One of the safest and simplest methods of hair extension.
During hair on ribbons extension your own hair will not be damaged. Cold extension procedure takes 30-40 min, correction is to be made one time in 2 months and it is easy and quick.
Hair on ribbons is absolutely invisible due to the extra thing ribbon and additionally makes an effect of near-a-root volume.
Hair on ribbons is manufactured from Slavic hair of the highest grade. Our Slavic hair is not treated with silicone, is without reverses and synthetic impurities, but with cuticle preserved.
Slavic hair on ribbons can be dyed, waived and unkinked. This hair type is very soft and manageable.
One ribbon width is 4 cm, length up to 1 cm. Polymeric adhesive tape of matt color applied does not glance through hair.


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10 V. Monomakha (Moskovskaya) str., Dnipro
Working hours: 10:00 – 19:00

Personal connection with Ekaterina Sendetskaya: +38 096 781 82 85 vw34

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