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Pony-tails, bangs

Application of a detachable pony-tail will daintify your image. Long pony-tail will make your figure elegant and slim. The owner of such hair-dress seems to be higher.

Business ladies often choose such a style. A pony-tail of high quality can be worn daily.

Widespread appreciation of natural hair pony-tails is driven by their comfortable use. Slavic hair pony-tails can be of different length and colors. Celebrities also do not disdain such an attribute to their image. But at the same time, Gipermarket Volos Slavic hair pony-tail prices are moderate. We have the most democratic prices. Gipermarket Volos pony-tails are made of natural hair. They are beautiful and thick. It won’t take you a lot of time to highlight your image, since attaching a pony-tail needs a couple of seconds, but you will look stunning. And to make the choice easy, we will give you some recommendations:

  • Pay attention to the way of detaching a pony-tail.
  • Its color and length (40-75 cm).
  • The structure shall fit your natural hair (straight or curly).


There are no mysteries in detaching a pony-tail, and you can make it yourself, looking differently every day. “Screw” allows making low, high or middle pony-tail.

Pony-tail colors may be absolutely different. They can be either one-color, or combine several colors. Pony-tails are detached to natural hair safely and harmoniously, so they seemingly look absolutely natural.

Order GIPERMARKET VOLOS pony-tails delivery. Your place of residence does not matter. We deliver worldwide.

Pony-tails price fluctuates from 220

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