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Personal connection with Ekaterina Sendetskaya: +38 096 781 82 85 vw34

Tresses, clip in hair

Tresses (clip in hair, artificial hair locks) are very popular method of hair extension and, at the same time, the gentlest one for your hair! Tresses are clip in hair, a sort of detachable locks. Tresses extension is extra popular, since it doesn’t you’re your own hair. Locks hair extension (cold hair extension) is the maximum gentle procedure for your hair, because your own locks are not exposed to harmful influences – neither mechanical, nor chemical or thermal, meaning less subsequent damage caused. Tresses hair extension allows extending hair length and its volume. It is good for short cuts and thin structure hair.

We are ready to offer you natural Slavic hair tresses.

Many women desire to make experiments without constant locks extension. And we offer a brilliant alternative – stitched tresses from Slavic hair, which will become your real catch.


Though we sell prefabricated tresses, GIPERMARKET VOLOS can manufacture them on request especially for you. At this, we consider hair density and structure. But keep calm! This won’t affect the cost significantly, and tresses will still be of a moderate price. Hair doesn’t fall out of our tresses, since GIPERMARKET VOLOS works at original equipment. Note: we stitch tresses in one direction, so they will not stick up (pill in clots). Order GIPERMARKET VOLOS tresses delivery. Your place of residence does not matter. We deliver worldwide.
(100 g)
up to  60 165$
60 - 65 180$
65 - 70 195$
70 - 75 205$
75 - 80 215$
80 - 100 235$


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10 V. Monomakha (Moskovskaya) str., Dnipro
Working hours: 10:00 – 19:00

Personal connection with Ekaterina Sendetskaya: +38 096 781 82 85 vw34

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