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Gipermarket Volos manufacturers and sells high-quality wigs from natural Slavic hair. Our wigs are breathing, comfortable for setting, not capricious at wearing and care. Hand-made.

Natural Slavic hair wig is a hairdressing masterpiece. If you managed to identify a wig on somebody in the crowd‚ be sure that was a cheap Chinese machine product‚ because to detect a professional’s work by sight is impossible.

One of this profession representatives gave us precious information. This woman was a theater prop, who worked at the theater. According to her, wretched factory-made wigs looked well only from stage. «You need to have not only your hands, but also your heart in really sophisticated things.”».

Gipermarket Volos will manufacture a qualitative wig, which will serve you for several years, with love and proficiency. Our wig will delight you with its appearance and will be nice on the touch. Nobody will ever understand that you are wearing a wig.

Terms for wig manufacture: simple – 2-3 weeks; complex – from 3 to 6 weeks.

Gipermarket Volos wigs are breathing; the top is like skin on the head. You will be able to make parts to any side. To take care of a qualitative wig is as easy as of your own hair.

We know how to produce qualitative wigs from Slavic hair. Their shelf life continues for years. Gipermarket Volos wigs are nice either visually, or on the touch. Only you will know about wearing a wig on your head.

Natural hair wig price:

  LENGTH, cm PRICE for one wig
up to  20 880 - 930€
20 - 35 1080 - 1130€
30 - 35 1180 - 1230€
35 - 45 1530€
45 - 50 1830-2030€



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About us

Gipermarket Volos - the world leader in the sale of natural hair! Selling natural hair extensions - our main area! We are collectors of Slavic hair